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Wellness Check With Lo Bosworth: From NYC’s Best Lymphatic Drainage To How She Takes Her Baileys Iced Coffee

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 19 Aug 2021 01:34 AM / No Comments / 49 views

Leave it to Lo Bosworth to crack the code for day drinking without the downfall. After all, clean living is the first word in the onetime reality star-turned-entrepreneur’s playbook. Bosworth, who has gained 830K followers on Instagram thanks to sharing her holistic lifestyle insights, has partnered with Baileys Original Irish Cream once again, to highlight the lower-calorie and reduced-sugar version, Baileys Deliciously Light. Hello, happy hour! We caught her for a hot minute to hear how she’s keeping well this season.

How did the opportunity to partner with Baileys come about?
I’m so lucky to work with them. I have partnered with Baileys before on a couple of activations and I’m so fortunate that I get to continue to work with them, because I love creating recipes and drinks that are perfect for outdoor entertaining during the day this summer and fall.

You’ll have to fill me in…
Baileys Deliciously Light has 40% less calories and sugar so it’s great for making coffee-based drinks. The Blanc Oaxacan [editor’s note: see recipe at end] cocktail is a more modern take on iced coffee, with Baileys, mezcal, oat milk, maple syrup, and cold brew. It’s perfect for a Saturday afternoon gathering; it tastes so light!

How do you incorporate drinking and entertaining during the day without feeling tired or lethargic?
Well, everything in moderation. Pairing Baileys with coffee in the three recipes we’ve come up with is really fantastic. We’ve also done an espresso martini. They’re so popular again; they’re everywhere and I love it. Really, what does it for me is that I always have a glass of water after every cocktail. It keeps me full, it keeps me hydrated, and makes me feel better. It really does help—it’s just like your mom always told you!

What other summer wellness musts make you feel your best?
Sunscreen is a must: it’s my number one wellness tip for summer and 365 days a year. I love Earth Harbor. I discovered it on Environmental Working Group. I’m so obsessed with this website; it allows you to check the toxicity levels in tonnes of consumer products. So, I discovered this sunscreen through [the site] and it really is the best. It’s mineral-based and protects from UVA and UVB, but it disappears instantly! I also love taking advantage of getting outside in this gorgeous weather and walking every morning. I live in West Soho in New York and I’m so much more inclined to get outside for 90 minutes or two hours and enjoy my surroundings in the city if the weather is nice.

What wellness spots are on your NYC hit list?
I love SLT. It’s so good; I’ve been doing it for years. And they haven’t reopened, but I love The Class by Taryn Toomey. I’m doing it digitally now instead. They’re my two favorites. For clean food, I love Souen macrobiotic food. There used to be a location in Soho but it closed. The East Village location is fantastic though. Then for lymphatic drainage, I love Ricari Studios. It’s amazing!

When did wellness come into your life? Is it something that was always there or did you only learn to take better care of yourself later on?
I have always been passionate about beauty. Even when I was really young, like middle school age, I was sitting in my bathroom creating blush out of Vaseline and eyeshadow! In my late 20s, I dealt with some health issues like vitamin deficiencies and poor gut health. It really turned me on to health and wellness, and I’ve been a real ‘wellness warrior’ ever since.

What does the term wellness mean to you? 
What’s really interesting is that I think it means you had some kind of awakening; whether that was your diet or moving away from toxic products in the home or in your beauty routine. There’s usually a reason why, and typically it’s a life-changing reason or wakeup call. I discovered that living as simple, clean, and natural a life as possible when it comes to what I consume, really makes a huge difference in how I feel. We’ve gotten ourselves into trouble using products over the years, and it’s making us sick. I’m really passionate about spreading awareness about that and helping to change the status quo.

Do you get stressed? How do you deal with it?
I think everyone has been dealing with a lot of stress over the last few years! I have learned that meditation really helps. Frankly, going through challenging times helps you deal with stress better in the long run too. You’ve the opportunity to gain perspective after you go through peaks and troughs. For me, having dealt with challenging or stressful times in the past gives me the tools to better manage it.

Are you traveling?
I’m hoping to get a September vacation. Europe, hopefully! I’m keeping everything crossed.

How do you keep healthy when traveling?
Drinking so much water and trying my very best to sleep. Sleeping is so important—especially when you’re jet lagged—so sleep and hydrating, above all.

Before you go, let’s talk about fashion. What are some brands you’re loving? 
Oh, so many. I’ll have to look at my most recent Net-a-Porter order! I love Agolde jeans. And I have a vintage 1990s Richard Tyler pant suit in my cart of The RealReal. Do you think I should do it?

Always! The RealReal is my downfall.
It’s so affordable too. I’ve been buying lots of vintage pant suits, I guess in the hope that we’ll go back to some kind of office life…

I mean…’have vintage pant suit, will find occasion to wear?’

See below for Lo’s Baileys Blanc Oaxacan cocktail recipe


2 oz. Baileys Deliciously Light
1/2 oz. Mezcal
2 oz. Oat Milk
1/4 oz. Maple Syrup
1 oz. Cold Brew


Combine all ingredients into an Old-Fashioned glass with ice.
Stir gently.
Garnish with a lavender sprig.


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