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Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About The British Royal Family

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 23 Oct 2020 03:43 AM / No Comments / 23 views

Just because the royal family has to live a very public existence doesn’t mean that we know everything about them. From their last name to where they get their money, here are 12 shocking things that most people don’t know about the British royals:

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12. Queen Elizabeth Almost Wasn’t Queen

During her grandfather King George V’s reign, Elizabeth was third in line for the throne. Her uncle Edward, Prince of Wales, was first and then her father the Duke of York was second. When her grandfather died, Edward became King of England, but that lasted less than a year. He had to abdicate because his relationship with twice-divorced Wallace Simpson nearly created a constitutional crisis. Then, Elizabeth’s father the Duke of York ascended the throne, becoming King George VI. This placed Elizabeth second in line for succession.

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