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Q&A with the Founder and Face of Fit With Cambrie, Cambrie Schroeder

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In our image-obsessed society, that is in large driven by social media, it’s rare and refreshing to find someone who is forging their own unexpected and authentic way through the world. Cambrie Schroeder, a model turned health and fitness advocate—who is in the process of training to make her professional debut into the world of boxing—embodies the antithesis of today’s pop culture. Rather than settling for a typical Los Angeles life of glamour and photoshoots, she opted for an entrepreneurial path starting her own business, Fit With Cambrie, to help make a positive difference in the lives of young girls. We caught up with Cambrie to learn more about her brand, what drives her, and about her newest foray into professional boxing.

What inspired you to start Fit with Cambrie?
I grew up in the entertainment industry in Malibu always trying to be in the best shape for my swim shoots, and I remember never having a fitness inspiration to look up to. I also didn’t really fit in, in high school so I turned to fitness as an outlet and a way of finding my purpose in life, and helping me feel like I was making a positive change in the world. I started teaching fitness dance classes to my sister and her friends when I was fifteen. That’s when my love for inspiring girls began—teaching them helped me find my voice and my own confidence.

After teaching them for a few years I started thinking about how I could impact more people. So, I started growing my Instagram and creating useful content that could help girls who were viewing it all over the world.

How did you come up with the actual program and product?
 I wanted to create a product that would inspire girls to eat healthy and see it as something delicious and fun, not a diet they would dread—more like a lifestyle they would look forward to and could guide them through. As someone who drank a lot of smoothies, which were actually high in sugar due to all the fruit, I realized that creating a well-balanced protein supplement would be the ideal healthy product.

What impact do you hope Fit With Cambrie makes?
 I want to show girls that fitness can be fun, exciting, delicious, and something you look forward to. There are a lot of negative connotations with being fit, and fitness can be an overwhelming and daunting space. I want FWC to provide girls with a clear and approachable vision into what a fit and healthy lifestyle looks like—and I hope I not only inspire them to make physical changes, but also help them become aware of healthy mental patterns to live a fulfilling, happy, and healthy life.

What makes Fit With Cambrie stand out from other programs in the industry?
It really is approachable, welcoming, and attainable, as well as providing a sense of community. It’s also about being feminine, while living a fit and athletic life—it’s about maintaining and appreciating female curves. It’s about showing that you can be a strong, badass, and athletic female; you can be it all if you have the right mindset. The supplements are also of unparalleled quality. Not only do they taste amazing, are sourced from the best ingredients, made in an FDA-compliant facility, but they also have the perfect ratio of carbs and protein to help girls put on lean muscle and burn fat.

What made you want to make the transition from modeling and acting to professional boxing?
To me, the bigger the challenge you set for yourself the more fulfilled and happy you will be. Boxing was such a challenge for me—the odds are completely stacked against me because most girls start when they’re young. I wanted to commit to something that was not about instant gratification, that you can’t buy or fake—to something that’s about discipline, determination, and hard work.  I saw myself becoming one of those Instagram girls: posting bikini pictures and editing them, just faking it. That’s kind of what entertainment is, it’s production and faking, and I wanted something more real, something gritty. I think a lot of people my age are craving that too, they want authenticity. I want to be a trendsetter of being authentic.

What mark do you want to leave on the world?
I hope girls can learn to love a healthy lifestyle. What’s considered cool in our society is being out at a club, or getting a bunch of likes on a sexy bikini photo, or having a nice car—that’s what our society portrays as the things that bring happiness, but I’ve lived that life and was miserable. I want to show girls that a meaningful life is taking care of yourself, is being a good person, is just staying in to watch a movie with someone you care about. I want to change the perspective of what is seen as cool and happy—to help change the culture.

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