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Need A Product Delivered In Two Hours? This Game-changing App Can Do Just That

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 20 Nov 2020 00:13 AM / No Comments / 70 views

An app that’s already making waves on the West Coast has just landed in the NYC market. Enter: FastAF, which delivers the essentials that consumers need (or simply want) in less than two hours.

Now for the tech: FastAF is a digital shop of sorts that leverages a network of ‘dark stores’ (oooh!) so that it’s able to deliver products safely and faster than you ever imagined possible. The rise of these dark stores—aka micro-fulfillment centers strategically placed throughout cities to deliver in-demand products—are likely to be a reality in every neighborhood in the
country before you know it.

Think of it like Postmates, with a twist, as you can order from over 350 national brands like Nike, Aesop, Sonos, Glossier, Public Goods, and Byredo.

San Francisco-based founder and CEO Lee Hnetika said, “At a time when consumers want—and miss—shopping locally, FastAF is offering a digital shopping experience that allows them to discover and support both national, DTC, and local brands that offer the essential products they need in a way that would be impossible without FastAF’s micro-fulfillment centers. FastAF is paving the way for DTC brands to develop a passionate local following and robust presence without having a physical storefront.”

The app is available now on iOS. Download it and get your goods quicker than you can utter those three magic words: add to cart.

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