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Kate Middleton’s engagement ring crowned most expensive royal ring of all time

By newadmin / Published on Monday, 30 Nov 2020 18:59 PM / No Comments / 36 views

, 38, has a stunning jewellery collection with pieces including earrings, necklaces and rings. She will also occasionally add a brooch to her outfit too. With a vast collection of which many having sentimental backgrounds, a study by jewellery retailers EST1897 has found the Duchess to have the most expensive royal engagement ring of all time.

Meghan’s ring also holds sentimental value, as the cushion cut contains two diamonds from Lady Diana’s collection.

The research also revealed that the royal engagement rings held by Kate, Meghan and Camilla are worth significantly less than those held by celebrities.

Ben Jarret from EST1897 commented: “The English Royal family are known for their crown jewels and luxurious taste. Their engagement rings often contain family heirlooms, with diamonds being passed down and often re-set into new bands.

“Despite being highly wealthy and at the top of English society the royals keep their engagement rings understated when compared to the value of rings given to A-list celebrities.

Speaking to, Roseanna Croft, founder of Roseanna Croft Jewellery, gave a further insight into Kate’s huge jewel.

The expert said: “The Ceylon sapphire is 12cts and there are 14 diamonds surrounding it, made by Garrard.

“In my opinion this engagement ring is priceless; not only because of what it means to the Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, but it also carries the legacy of Princess Diana, a woman who meant so much to many people throughout our nation, not to mention her sons and family.”

Not only did it belong to Princess Diana, it also has a very special meaning behind it, dating back to 1840.

Roseanna said: “It is said that the inspiration for Kate Middleton’s and formerly, the late Princess Diana’s engagement ring, came from a brooch the Queen owns and Prince Charles always found beautiful – he is said to have seen the ring at House of Garrard and as it reminded him of this brooch he was drawn to it immediately.

The Queen’s Prince Albert brooch features the same oval sapphire stone that can be seen on Kate’s engagement ring.

The stunning sapphire and diamond pendant brooch has made dozens of appearances over the years.

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