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Internet Explodes As Rumors Fly That Kim Kardashian Is Dating Van Jones And Kanye West Is Dating Jeffree Starr

By newadmin / Published on Monday, 11 Jan 2021 06:08 AM / No Comments / 60 views

News broke recently that Kim Kardashian is allegedly working with a high-profile divorce lawyer after her marriage to Kanye West is seemingly on its last leg. Considering that the two have been separated for quite some time now, there are rumors swirling that they’ve already moved on romantically.

The most outrageous rumor is that Kanye is actually dating infamous makeup mogul Jeffree Star all because the controversial beautuber recently bought property in Wyoming — the same place that Kanye has been spending his time at the ranch he owns there.

Ava Louise who is a popular tik-tok user made the claim that she had tea on a certain makeup guru and celebrity having an affair.

Soon, other tik-tokers added to that theory with their own ‘receipts.’

Jeffree even joined in on he funs by posting a cheeky photo and captioning it that he was ready for ‘Sunday service’ which is Kanye’s choir service. He later made a statement that he was 100% not seeing Kanye nor was he ever involved with him.

Meanwhile, a more believable rumor came to light about Kim possibly dating Van Jones. The CNN supporter that everyone loves would be an amazing look for Kim who wants to clean up her reputation and be taken seriously as a lawyer.

This is a coupling that her fans are here for. A resurfaced clip of Van telling Andy Cohen that the reality star is brilliant has made rounds online.

One person tweeted: ‘I try not to dip too deep into the gossip pool but Kim Kardashian & Van Jones is not far off base, she’s trying to pass the California Bar to become a lawyer. Van Jones is a lawyer. At least she’s calculated.’

While another said: ‘Van Jones would be such a come up from Kanye west. She would go from ho, to housewife, to damn near politician.’


Who do you see Kim and Kanye dating once the imminent divorce is finalized?

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