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Eliza Rose and Cody Currie, ‘Another Love’: Song You Need to Know

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 29 Aug 2021 08:38 AM / No Comments / 31 views

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Berlin-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Cody Currie reconnects with Eliza Rose on “Another Lover,” a pining, four-on-the-floor house cut about the search for the right romantic partner.

Rose’s lyrics nod to the Gwen McCrae dancefloor classic “Keep the Fire Burning,” a relentlessly funky 1982 single that combines a drilling bass line with a poignant observation about human nature: “We spend a lot of time searching for love and never know where it’s coming from/And as soon as we get it, somehow we seem to think that our work is done.”

While McCrae is fiery and commanding, a general ordering her troops around the dancefloor — “I want you to put your hands together/And just move your hips from side to side” — Rose is sly and evasive. She sends her voice slipping around the edges of the piston-like beat, twisting in unexpected directions and climbing suddenly. The piano-house framework of the production is as grounded as Rose is mercurial, and Currie adds his own soft vocal harmonies during the questing hook: “I’ve been searching for another love.”

Curry and Rose worked together earlier this year on “Moves,” a flirty single about the power of a good dance step. “Another Love” appears on the recent EP Flame.

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