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Celebrities Who Have Said No To ‘Dancing With The Stars’

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 13 Nov 2020 12:55 PM / No Comments / 191 views

ABC’s hit competition reality series Dancing with the Stars has seen tons of success over its many seasons. Over the years, many celebrities have been invited to take part in the show, but not all of them have been interested and there are many who have declined. Here are some celebrities who turned down the opportunity to appear on DWTS:

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26. Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is absolutely no stranger to reality TV after co-hosting MTV’s Singled Out, judging on The Masked Singer and even getting her own series with husband Donnie Wahlberg, Donnie Loves Jenny, but she made it very clear she would not be on Dancing With the Stars. “They ask me every year, and I just can’t do it,” she said back in 2012. “I tell them why [and say] ‘You guys keep saying every year you’re going to get A-List people and then it’s the girl that was with George Clooney’… They better talk the walk or walk the talk – whatever that saying is.” Clearly, more impressive names need to appear on the show before McCarthy considers it.

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