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Catelynn Lowell Reveals Sweet Tattoo Dedicated To Her ‘Two Angels In Heaven’ After Sharing Second Miscarriage News!

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Catelynn Lowell has experienced some heartbreak but it appears that she feels like she can cope with it better if she remembers it with something beautiful and permanent! As you might know, the Teen Mom star has suffered two miscarriages, one very recent, and so, she decided to get a tattoo so that she will never forget her ‘angels!’

This comes after the reality TV celeb announced, earlier this year, that she went through a second miscarriage after also losing a pregnancy in 2018.

As a result, she chose to honor those two kids she and husband Tyler Baltierra could have had, in a very meaningful way.

Catelynn took to her go-to platform earlier this week, to reveal a tiny, minimalist drawing of a baby with angel wings.

In the caption, she announced that she was planning on ‘Getting this little cutie on me today for our two angels in heaven ❤️👼👼.’

And that is exactly what she did! The celeb returned to her page, later on, to post a closeup of the fresh ink, captioning it: ‘Thanks so much @lancekellar666 for this very special art ❤️👼👼.’

Aside from these two miscarriages, Catelynn and Tyler have had three kids together.

The first one, however, daughter Carly, was put up for adoption back in 2009 when Catelynn was still a teenager and part of 16 and Pregnant.

However, they stayed together and went on to also welcome two more daughters – Novalee, who was born in 2015, and Vaeda, who they welcomed just last year!

The Teen Mom star has been opening up about her mental health problems as well, mentioning many times that she’s had suicidal thoughts before!

In fact, she stressed during an episode of the series, that the only reason why she’d never actually tried to end things was her kids!

Things got really bad for her in 2018 when she first miscarried so Catelynn, fortunately, went to get help at a facility in Arizona!

As a result, when it happened again earlier this year, she was able to deal with it much better!


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