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Betty White’s Most Popular Roles Ranked

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 05 Nov 2020 17:58 PM / No Comments / 18 views

Betty White is a true Hollywood treasure who has been entertaining and endearing audiences for decades. Although some stars seem to step back from the spotlight as they get older, for Betty White, she just keeps the roles coming and seems to only be getting funnier and funnier. Over many years, White has starred in everything from television series to movies, not to mention game show hosting, and several appearances and guest starring roles in popular shows. Now, there is no way White could ever do a bad job, but take a look back through her incredible career with 12 of her most popular roles ranked from worst to best!

12. Rose Nylund – The Golden Palace

Rose Nylund was Betty White’s most well-known role, and it won’t be the last time it appears on the list. While White as Rose Nylund was amazing, it didn’t go over as well in The Golden Girls‘ spinoff The Golden Palace. The Golden Palace was missing an important piece without Bea Arthur as Dorothy, and as a result, the chemistry that audiences adored in The Golden Girls was missing, and even White couldn’t make the series work. After The Golden Palace was canceled after only one season, White said, “It would have been a wonderful idea for three other people, but it just didn’t work without Dorothy.”

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