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Best Musical Moments on Schitt’s Creek

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 27 Nov 2020 01:56 AM / No Comments / 50 views

If you and your significant other are as different as Alexis Rose and Mutt Schitt, chances are you always have a hard time deciding on a Netflix show that you both want to watch. Enter Schitt’s Creek. The sitcom has it all: humor, heart, and dramatic cliffhangers, all of which are punctuated by musical numbers seamlessly integrated into the storylines of every season, each one more iconic than the last. Ahead, you’ll find yourself tearing up at Stevie’s Cabaret performance, laughing at Moira’s Jazzagals audition, and making heart eyes over Patrick’s cover of “The Best.” If you’re not already invested in Schitt’s Creek and its six seasons of nonstop hilarity, here are 10 quintessentially Schitty musical moments that’ll have you hooked on the show.

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