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23 Royals Who Married Commoners

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 04 Nov 2020 11:48 AM / No Comments / 21 views

There was a time when royals just didn’t marry commoners. It was against protocol. However, the world is changing and now a royal marrying a commoner isn’t such a big deal. In fact, many royal family members are now breaking with tradition and marrying for love. Here are 23 royals who followed their hearts and married a commoner:

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23. King Abdullah II of Jordan

King Abdulla met Rania Al Yassin, who worked for companies including Citibank and Apple, at a dinner party in 1993 and became engaged two months later. Abdullah ascended the throne in 1999 and Rania was proclaimed queen. Since becoming queen, she has been using her position to advocate for education, health, community empowerment, youth, cross-cultural dialogue and micro-finance.

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