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12 Most Scandalous Royal Relationships

By newadmin / Published on Monday, 26 Oct 2020 10:13 AM / No Comments / 17 views

Some people assume that every royal relationship is a fairy tale in the making, but that isn’t always true. In fact, some of these romances come with controversy and scandal. From affairs and secret love children to commoners with questionable pasts, here are the 12 most scandalous royal relationships:

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12. Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet

Princess Stephanie of Monaco – daughter of Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly – was always a bit of a rebel. In 1992, she began a relationship with her bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet, and had two of his children out of wedlock. In 1995, the two got married, but their wedded bliss was short-lived, as the following year he was caught by paparazzi engaging in foreplay with a cabaret singer in Villefranche. This wasn’t her only scandalous relationship. In 2002, she began dating an elephant trainer, Franco Knie, and she moved, along with her children, into his circus caravan. When that relationship ended, she married a Portuguese acrobat who was part of Knie’s circus ensemble in 2003, but that relationship ended in divorce the following year.

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